Setup a new Night Shift Device for a first time use patient

Setup a new Night Shift Device for a first time use patient

  1. Open the NightShift Portal – Access the Night Shift Portal
  2. Plugin the Night Shift into a USB port. If it does not work please refer to the”NightShift Web Portal and Computer Setup” on this page.
  3. Once the portal is open select “Register & Manage Device – Generate Reports”.

 4. If prompted to update your firmware click yes and follow the procedure to update the firmware.

5. If prompted to ‘update device time & date‘ make sure that the procedure is followed. This will synchronise the night shift clock with the computer.

6. Click on ‘register’ device to register the Night Shift to a user

7. Complete the registration screen. If the patient does not have an email address it may be omitted. After submitting the form you will be returned to the main menu.

8. Select the ‘Manage Device’ option

9. Select the option “Trial Mode” this setting will record data only on the first night of use which will provide a baseline night for the user’s positional habits. From the second night onward the device will provide therapy. The effectiveness of the device will then be documented and can be read by accessing the Night Shift report. To learn how to read a Night Shift report please check the “Learn How To Read A Night Shift Report” section on this page.
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