NightShift Web Portal and Computer Setup

NightShift Web Portal and Computer Setup


  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. Install Java or Check Version of Java
  2. Enhanced Interface of the Night Shift software Portal now works with all browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer
  3. Application for the Night Shift software can be placed on your desktop. Once the icon is on the desktop, the software can be accessed by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. (NOTE: you must have internet access to use the Night Shift software)
  4. Alternatively, the software can be accessed by going to the Night Shift portal and clicking the Register & Manage Device/Generates Report button.


  1. Open a web browser and go to portal web address
  2. Click on the Portal link at the top of the page.
  3. The following buttons will be presented:

  1. Register Your Night Shift Device Only – Use this button to register your device without saving any information to your device. This can be done without connecting the device to the computer.
  2. Register & Manage Device & Generate Reports – This button will open the Software Download page that allows you to download, install and open the software. (NOTE: Please click here and click the operating system and browser to follow the directions to correctly setup your computer.)


After the Night Shift has been worn and sleep data recorded, Night Shift reports can be generated. From the Night Shift software, click on the Generate Reports button.

  1. Username – Enter the name for the individual that wore the Night Shift device. This information will appear at the top of the Night Shift Reports.
  2. Detailed Report – To generate a Detailed Report, select the radio button next to Detailed Report, select the dates to include on the report, and click the Generate Report button. The Detailed Report is generated and presented in the computers default PDF viewer.
  3. To generate a Compliance1-Month, or 1-Year Summary Report, select the radio button next to Summary Report, select radio button for Compliance and select number of nights (if necessary), 1-Month and select month (if necessary), or 1-year and click the Generate Report button. The Summary Report is generated and presented in the computers default PDF viewer.
  4. All Reports – To generate up to 8 Detailed Nights, up to 90 nights of Compliance Reports and a 1-Year Report, click All Reports and click the Generate Report button.


The Mange Device page is used to change the positional feedback setting and to manage your Night Shift device.

Manage Your Night Shift
a. Positional Vibration Setting can be used to adjust the feedback settings for study acquisition.
  • After 15 minutes – turns positional feedback on 15 minutes after device is turned on.
  • After 30 minutes – turns positional feedback on 30 minutes after device is turned on.
  • No Feedback – turns feedback off for the entire night and all subsequent nights.
  • Trial – is used by clinicians to establish a baseline with no feedback for one night, and with feedback for two nights. After the three-night trial, all recordings will have feedback. Once baseline night is recorded, it will remain on the device until Clear Study History is selected.
b. The accessory can be used to change the location setting of the device by choosing Neck Strap or Chest BeltNote: The Night Shift Reports will not include Behavioral Sleep/Wake Actigraphy data when using the Chest Belt.

Manage Your Data
a. Clear Study History is used to erase all historical data from the device.


To register, enter your Name and Email address and click the Save button. If you enter your name, it will be saved to the Device and appear as the ‘Customer’ each time a report is generated. Do not enter your name and email address if you do not want this information stored to the device and printed on all reports.

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