Night Shift Troubleshooting and Service Return

Night Shift Troubleshooting and Service Return

If you are experiencing issues with your Night Shift please follow the steps in this Night Shift troubleshooting guide (hyperlink below).  If you still have problems after following the steps click the Obtain Service Return Authorisation button provided in the hyperlink below.

Night Shift Troubleshooting Guide

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    • Night Shift Sleep Positioner Warranty Information

      Night Shift includes Two-year warranty for assembly workmanship and electronic components One-year warranty for haptic motors and battery Six month warranty for neck strap and chest belt. Warranty does not cover damage attributed to improper use by ...
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      If you purchased a Night Shift Chest Belt, use these instructions to change the settings on your Night Shift device to work correctly with the Chest Belt.  Alternatively, click here to download the instructions.  Follow the directions on this page to ...
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      Night Shift is worn around the neck; it uses and measures the effectiveness of vibration feedback to discourage back-sleeping. Using the Night Shift Sleep Positioner: Prior to first use, completely charge the device. • Fit the strap so it is adjusted ...
    • Cleaning the Night Shift Sleep Positioner:

      Cleaning the Night Shift Sleep Positioner device The Night Shift should be cleaned regularly. When cleaned as described below, the Night Shift can be reused on the same or different patients. Strap: Detach the straps from the device. Wash each strap ...