Night Shift Sleep Positioner Warranty Information

Night Shift Sleep Positioner Warranty Information

Night Shift includes

  • Two-year warranty for assembly workmanship and electronic components
  • One-year warranty for haptic motors and battery
  • Six month warranty for neck strap and chest belt.

Warranty does not cover damage attributed to improper use by the customer. Night Shift is a medical device that is not water-proof, pet-proof, or mistake-proof. The warranty will be voided if an attempt is made to open the enclosure or change the battery.

Night Shift Expected Service Life

The battery, haptic motors, neck strap, and optional chest belt accessory are considered to be replaceable components and must be replaced during the three-year service life of the NS device. The battery has an expected useful life of two years; the user can substantially compromise the useful life by continuously leaving the device on a charger for extended periods when the battery is fully charged. The user can detect when the battery must be replaced; when fully charged, the device is unable to acquire data for >10hours. The haptic motors have an expected service life of 30 hours of vibration. The neck strap and optional chest belt accessory have an expected service life of 6 months when used every day. The expected service life is not a guarantee (see warranty information above).

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