Fitting a Night Shift Neck Strap

Fitting a Night Shift Neck Strap

Night Shift is worn around the neck; it uses and measures the effectiveness of vibration feedback to discourage back-sleeping.

Using the Night Shift Sleep Positioner:

Prior to first use, completely charge the device.
• Fit the strap so it is adjusted evenly on both sides. If worn too tight, the magnetic clasp will detach during the night. If worn too loose, incorrect positional feedback will occur when not centered on the back of your neck.
• Just after you turn the device on, it will provide feedback to confirm sufficient battery capacity to record and provide feedback for at least eight hours.
Remember to recharge the battery at least once every three days.
• When the Night Shift recognizes you are sleeping on your back, it will vibrate with increasing intensity until you change position.
• Night Shift records your position, sleep quality, and snoring so you can print reports to monitor your response to positional feedback.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to fit a Night Shift Neck Strap.

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