BMCares App (Now rebranded to PAP Link) Data Download Instructions

BMCares App (Now rebranded to PAP Link) Data Download Instructions

Please note that the BMCares App has been rebranded to PAP Link. The PAP Link App functions identically to the older version and your patients do not have to make any changes on their device.

The BMC PAP Link app helps track your treatment efficacy and get summarised treatment reports.

Is the PAP Link app compatible with all BMC CPAP machines?

PAP Link App works with

  • BMC Luna G2 Automatic/Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines
  • BMC Luna iQ G2S Automatic/Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines
  • BMC BMC G3 Automatic/Fixed Pressure CPAP Machines
  • It’s not compatible with older BMC CPAP models or CPAP Machines by other manufacturers.

What devices can I use to access PAP Link?

You can get the PAP Link smartphone or tablet/iPad app on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Step 1: Download the ”PAP Link App” on your smartphone by searching for ‘PAP Link’ on the Google Play app store for Android smartphone users and Apple Store for iPhone users. Alternatively, click on the icons below depending on your smartphone type and click install on your smartphone.

Step 2: Once the app has been downloaded, simply scan the “iCode QR / QR+” on your CPAP device to obtain the treatment data. After scanning, the PAP Link App will identify the device Serial Number automatically. Once the device has been paired, proceed to the ‘My Page’ section of the app to input your personal email address (you are able to input upto 3 email addresses).

  • Please ensure you have correctly registered and filled out your profile info on the app. All details are necessary including DOB/Weight, Height and Region/Gender are required – please note that the patient’s personal information (name, age, etc.) will not appear on the PDF report if the device Serial Number is not registered under your account. Once that info has been entered please click Complete. Every time you scan the QR code, a report is automatically generated onscreen and a copy of the report is sent to all associated email addresses which can then be forwarded on to your physician.
  • Please ensure the date and time is correct on the machine – this is necessary for therapy reports.
  • The ‘Reports’ section of the app, will indicate your key therapy metrics including usage days, compliance time, AHI and treatment pressure, so you can stay informed.

Tracking your sleep data has never been easier.

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