BMC Mini App (BMC Mini) Download Instructions

BMC Mini App (BMC Mini) Download Instructions

Search BMC Mini App (BMC Mini) in the Software App Store. Click to download and install it.

Android users:
BMC Mini App for Android devices

iPhone users:
BMC Mini App for iOS devices

To switch on, click the Bluetooth button on the BMC M1 Mini device, the Bluetooth light will start flashing, indicating that the BMC M1 Mini device is waiting to be connected;

  1. Open BMC Mini App on your smartphone, click the Bluetooth button to locate the device, the device will automatically pop up when connected or select the Mini device you searched in the device list (the device name is “device serial number”, which is loacted on the bottom of the deevice.
  2. Once the Bluetooth is connected, the Bluetooth status light on the device should be always on.

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